Zoely® – Natural Balance 1,2

Zoely® is an unique oral combined hormone contraception containing 2.5 mg of Nomegestrol Acetate and 1.5 mg Estradiol (as 17β-estradiol).1

17β-estradiol is a natural estrogen with a structure that is identical to the estrogen produced in a womans body1, Nomegestrol Acetate is metabolically neutral without any androgenic, estrogenic or mineralo-glucocorticoid activities.1


  • 4th generation monophasic combined hormone contraceptive pill, containing 24 active (white) pills and 4 placebo (yellow) pills.
  • Inhibits ovulation & causes changes in the endometrium.1
  • Has a Pearl index of 0.40. 1
  • Is GMS reimbursed.

Combined oral contraceptives including Zoely® are suitable for use in the following patient groups1,3,4

  • Women who want autonomy and control over their menstrual cycle.
  • Women aged up to 50 years with no other medical conditions.
  • Women with a BMI of ≤30kg/m2 who do not smoke.
  • Women ≥6 weeks postpartum if not breast feeding.
  • Women with dysmenorrhoea who have an irregular, heavy or prolonged bleeding pattern.
  • Women with endometriosis.


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