Zoely and VTE Risk – latest PRO E2 data and results

Zoely and Unintended Pregnancy – latest PRO E2 data and results

Presentation of PRO E2 data for Zoely

Join Dr Helena Kopp Kalner, Senior Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician and Associate Professor, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden as she presents the latest published data and results from the large, real-world PRO E2 study 2021

Naturally Respectful

Natural Balance1 : Zoely is the first and only monophasic combined oral contraceptive with 24/4 regimen (28 tablets including 4 placebos) containing 1.5 mg estradiol combined with 2.5 mg nomegestrol acetate.

Nomegestrol acetate is a highly selective progestogen derived from the naturally occurring steroid hormone, progesterone.2

Nomegestrol acetate, with its greater specificity for progesterone receptors, may minimise the potential for androgenic, oestrogenic and glucocorticoid effects2.

The oestrogen contained in Zoely is 17β-estradiol, a natural oestrogen identical to the endogenous human 17β-estradiol2.

NOMAC Nomegestrol acetate

Metabolically NEUTRAL without any androgenic, oestrogenic or mineralo-glucocorticoid activities2

E2 17B-estradiol

Natural oestrogen, identical to the endogenous oestrogen produced by women2

Contraceptive reliability

24hr protection after a missed pill2

Easy to use

24/4 monophasic regimen2

Positive clinical experience

High satisfaction 3
Quality of life improvement 2


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